About Aevum

Aevum was founded in 2014 with a distinct purpose of providing innovative and quality services and frameworks to positively impact the Healthcare industry. We partner with payers and providers to design, customize, integrate, implement, test and optimize systems for increased efficiency, streamlined processes and accurate outcomes.

Since our inception Aevum has quickly built the reputation of excellence through hard work, dedication and our constant ability to innovate and be flexible to our clients ever changing needs.


To be the leading provider of high quality and affordable Support Services and Product Solutions to Payers and Providers and also be the most sought after workplace


Combine technology and bright minds to provide advanced and best in class IT solutions to enable Healthcare Organizations operate more efficiently so they can focus on their core business areas in a conducive and nurturing workspace


Aevum’s vibrant and fast paced culture stands on the firm foundation of strong ethics and a sense of duty to do the right thing. The organization has a 360 degree transparency where the associates are constantly aware and aligned with the company’s mandate and our key sense of accountability gives our clients the visibility in to day to day operations. The organization is stood up by the highly skilled and passionate people that make it and we do our best by thempersonally and professionallyby supporting and celebrating one another, fostering growth and connection, and inspiring achievement in all its forms.

Our Executives

Prasad Purushothaman is the founder and CEO of Aevum with nearly two decades of experience in the Healthcare products and services industry. Prior to founding Aevum, Prasad has worked with various payer and provider organizations on multidimensional programs, redefining processes for increased productivity and forging successful long term relationships with a wide range of clients, business partners and colleagues.

Prasad is a thought leader and passionately believes that technology can solve complex business problems. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from the Pondicherry Engineering College and a MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.